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Livonia Office Has Memorable New Year’s Closing

January 9, 2015

Kevin McBride


It was New Year’s Eve, and the Livonia office had one final closing before they were ready to close up for the day and head out to their holiday plans. The buyer was a woman in her sixties who was excited to be purchasing a home for the first time. However, as soon as she got to the closing table, she became rather nervous and had many questions, debating whether she really wanted to go through with the closing or not. The buyer was living on a fixed income, and had many concerns about her finances. However, her contract deadline was the 31st, so she needed to make a decision or risk losing her earnest money deposit.

Her closer, Jamie Masters, quickly realized that she just needed a little extra help in fully understanding the process. Jamie patiently answered all of her questions and concerns, explaining everything step by step, until she felt completely comfortable in her decision. The entire Livonia team stayed well past closing time to make sure their homebuyer received all of the help she needed. When she finally signed the papers, the new homeowner smiled brightly from ear to ear. And as she stepped out of the closing room and the rest of the team greeted her with a “Congratulations on your new home!” she beamed ever more. The team was delighted to have helped her to make her decision and start off the new year in such a wonderful way. 

Way to go, Jamie and the rest of her team in demonstrating the caring, quality service that sets Parks Title apart. And congratulations to the happy homeowner!! If you would like the same personal, patient, respectful treatment, please have your Lender or Realtor send your transaction to Parks Title.

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